Just a mini update to announce a bigger update is on the way!

Trying to get some of my gaming backlog knocked out.

Visit the forums, say something fucked up and leave.


Taking the day off.


All 6 new releases are LIVE on Spotify!!!


This is not a drill!

6 of my best works have FINALLY seen a proper release for the first time!

I am extremely excited to get these songs out to the world and away from me.

Available right now on iTunes and 15+ other stores rolling out right now.

There will be more classics released this year but now the focus is on what’s next.

Getting these releases out will free me up of so much energy, you have no idea.

I have several additional projects aside from music in the works.

Everything from here on out is going to be light years beyond what I’ve done.


Unlocked the GAMING section. Check out some raw gameplay clips I’ve amassed over the years. Looking forward to taking a more serious approach to streaming in another year or so. Every time I jump on and stream it seems I’m always drinking and I do NOT do well. LMAO!

Added a GAMEDEV forum, because why not.

Almost had an NES emulator running right here in the sidebar of the site. Can’t get it to accept the ROM uploads… hmmm.

Added some new GRAPHICS.

Added some new AUDIO.

And an Easter Egg if you look hard enough.


I made my first website in 10 years. This is my official, personal social media platform. It’s going to get intense.

Any day now a bunch of “new” music releases will be hitting all streaming platforms. I have a lot of things I’m working on. As always. Time to start seeing them through.

Locked portions of the site will become available later. I will be updating almost every day.

One thing I can say is that PODCASTS will be coming before the end of the year!